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Inspired Practice Solutions

Customized and Highly Effective Chiropractic Staff Training Designed to Help Your Practice Reach Levels You Never Thought Possible!

Inspired Practice Solutions is dedicated to helping practices reach levels that they may have never even thought possible! We believe that each practice is unique; therefore, they should not be forced into the same mold. Our customized trainings are designed to meet the needs of each practice. We use the most advanced and sought after techniques in communication to enhance the daily Chiropractic Assistant/patient interaction. It is our mission to give Chiropractic Assistants the highest level of communication skills so that they can teach patients how to educate their community on chiropractic care. We feel that this is the fastest way to spread the chiropractic message and change humanity.

Are You Looking to Make a Change?

Increase Patient Referrals
Increase Patient Commitment
Increase Patient Pre-Pays
Create Lifetime Patients
Create Consistent Growth
Build a More Inspired Team
Build a More Confident Team
Build a More Optimized Team
Build a More Unified Team
Impact the Community

“I wanted to build a team of empowered leaders because I wanted to change my community. I got more than I bargained for! Hailey created an inspired and amazing team who takes responsibility. Shortly after working with Hailey, we grew 60 office visits per week! It isn’t the numbers, it isn’t the visits, it’s the fact that she got the team members to buy the vision! Something that I wasn’t able to empower them to do. Hailey empowered them with a whole new level and it is amazing! She has implemented a system of character and responsibility amongst my team! Hailey is not for any of you who are not ready to raise your standards.”

Dr Tim Radcliffe

Lockport Chiropractic

“Hailey has done a phenomenal job with our CAs. She has trained multiple CAs as well as one of our doctors. She’s trained on various topics. Most importantly what she brings to the table is her passion for chiropractic, and she truly lives the chiropractic life style which oozes out from her energy. When our CAs train with her they take on that energy. The other thing that I like about Hailey is that she does have structure and a system AND she has the ability to be flexible in the moment. If a CA is stuck she has plenty of tools to provide transformation for that particular CA in the moment. I would highly recommend that you hire her to do whatever you need for your CAs. Honestly, if you have the most perfect staff, she will take them from where they are to that next level that you may not even know what it’s like.”

Dr Nona Djavid

Wellness Choice

One of my favorite quotes by Dr Wayne Dyer… “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

About Hailey

Speaker, Coach and Founder

Hailey is a Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, Inspirational Speaker, Optimal Results Coach and founder of Inspired Practice Solutions. After watching the power of chiropractic care transform her mom’s life, she made it her mission to transform the chiropractic community.

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